Bianka Bori, the designer behind BORIBIANKA was originally an economist, when she decided to follow her inner compass and passion and became a goldsmith. Her life’s big dream was to design jewelry. Her inspiration comes from many sources like the built environment, Scandinavian design, nature or the universe.

“Once I got the chance I tried on every ring since I am obsessed with rings. The collection is well designed, pure and femininely elegant and perhaps the greatest virtue is that it is discreetly glamorous. I would suggest the brand to those couples who are planning the big question or already the wedding because Bianka’s jewelry are bespoke, lovable – and the truth be told – they are quality pieces.”

Mimi, Szép a Páva

“The latest collection, ORIGO is seeking the depth of the thoughts of mankind, the self-enclosing beginning, thus the pinnacle of perfection. We all have ideas in our minds. Forms of ideas that draw the most perfect picture of an object, concept, or person. An ideal object is not overworked, it is essentially straightforward but not superficial, with great depths.”

Dóra, Sikk Projekt
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