ORIGO is the latest collection of BORIBIANKA. The designer while looking for the “ideal jewelry” created her new, premium capsule collection with essential pieces. The main inspirations came from the functionalist philosophy of the 1910s and 20s and the substantive shapes and colors of De Stijl. Every piece is a statement but not simplistic – even if it seems to be clear, if we want to understand it, we have to go deeper.


While fashioning the ORIGO jewelry, the designer was pursuing to reach perfection. Every piece is made of 925 Sterling silver with 14-carat gold setting and inset. The precious gemstones are yellow, red or blue sapphires or flawless diamonds. The collection brings one necklace, one pair of earring and rings in three sizes which can be worn alone or together, in combination. You can customize the details of your jewelry to find the most suitable for your personality and dreams – even freely, beyond the eligible variations.

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